Wolves, we need more wolves

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“Strong and free” eh? Canada is just a sophisticated fascist state. The government owns and controls whatever they want to, they just don’t heard large groups into death camps – yet.

D. A.: I think the key word there is “yet”. The only democratic part about our government, as i see it, is that we do have the right to vote for whichever party gets the right to control and manipulate every aspect of Canada and it’s people.

Me: I couldn’t agree more. Voting has become a ploy used by politicians to pull the wool over the eyes of those satisfied to behave like sheep.

D.A: In which case we need more wolves in sheep’s clothing. What percentage of people in our government do you think really cares about “Canada” when making decisions that affect every man, woman, and child in this country?

Me: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I’ve seen it up close.

1. Highly principled people decide to run for office to make real change.

2. They conclude that the best way to effect change is to become the government.

3. They start to favour electoral expediency over principle.

4. They win power but only by becoming what they initially opposed.

It’s not going to change until a strong enough segment of the population agree to ban the use of force from all human relations, except against those who initiate its use. Otherwise politics is just about who can build the largest gang to force others to do what they want. Politics is about justifying the unjustifiable use of force against those who disagree with you. This makes the state the enemy of all those who value freedom and all who do should oppose it by all means short of jeopardizing their own life, liberty or property or those of innocent others. That’s how we can be the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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