The Morality of Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Lots of people make fun of those of us who typically wait until Christmas Eve before hitting the mall. (Uuggh, the thought of it turns my stomach.) But it’s last minute shoppers like me who have the moral high ground. What kind of person, I ask you, buys something for someone else – something the other person wants or even needs – and then stows it away in a closet for days, weeks, even MONTHS instead of giving it to that person? Isn’t the value of the gift increased by it timeliness? Example, giving parents a high chair is a fine gift – but not when their youngest child is already 8 years old. In this day and age, when almost everything contains at least some tech that is starting to become obsolete the minute it leaves the shelf (or more accurately, the plant where it was made), the value […]

The cause of homosexuality

I saw a post on a Facebook page today that got me doing a little research. This isn’t my favourite subject. I much prefer physics and technology to biology and psychology. Obviously people who have devoted a lot of time and attention to this subject have a lot more information upon which to base their opinions. But many of them are of differing opinions. Surely those of us who have only casually considered the issue are entitled to form a tentative opinion without being subjected to ad hominem epithets? Ha, wishful thinking. But I am not dissuaded. The post was about a billboard someone had erected saying that research studies on identical twins showed that people are not “born gay”. It seemed to me that such studies ought to shed some objectivity on the subject so I found an article entitled, Identical twin studies prove homosexuality is not genetic. The […]

NBA 2010-2011 Eastern Conference

Predictions: 1. Miami 2. Chicago 3. Boston 4. Orlando 5. Milwaukee 6. Atlanta 7. New York 8. New Jersey 9. Charlotte 10. Washington 11. Philadelphia 12. Detroit 13. Toronto 14. Indiana 15. Cleveland

Jinasena – critique of creation ex nihilo

I was reading about Jainism and came across this 9th century argument against a universal creation. I like them. “Some foolish men declare that Creator made the world. The doctrine that the world was created is ill-advised, and should be rejected. 1. If god created the world, where was he before creation? If the “world” is all that there is then God must have created himself in the process of creation. 2. If you say he was transcendent then, and needed no support, where is he now? And if where he is is not a part of his creation, then who created that? 3. No single being had the skill to make the world – for how can an immaterial god create that which is material? How could god have made the world without any raw material? If you say he made this first, and then the world, you are […]

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