Today in Church I . . .

Today in church I got to:
1. speak about how the Reformation made it possible for people to have direct access to the scriptures and a personal relationship with God, rather than through a Priest and how the Restoration gave us even more scriptures and a better understanding of God;
2. lead a discussion of Hosea and the importance of worshiping the one true God and not false idols;
3. lead another discussion on the proper performance of priesthood ordinances such baptism, confirmation and bestowing the gift of the Holy Ghost;
4. receive reports on the home teaching program whereby every member of the Church is contacted each month to offer help and encourage faithfulness;
5. fast and donate the money from the missed meals to help the poor.
The old Chinese proverb says: tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand. I’m glad the Lord established a Church that so fully involves its members in his work. Some people say they don’t need to participate in a church. I say, where else can you get opportunities for personal growth like this? There is no guarantee that participating will make you good, but it will make you better.

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