Canadians kill in the nicest way possible

Guilty: Harper’s Conservatives, Trudeau’s Liberals and all those who support and sustain them with votes and money. Crime: Aiding and abetting Saudi Arabia in the murder of those who fail to obey the Saudi monarch and who said monarch’s agents can get their murderous hands on. This includes anyone in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Background: Is Saudi Arabia deploying Canadian-made weapons in Yemen? Saudi Arabia beheads 37 citizens and pins one of the headless bodies to a pole Fact: During the Arab Spring the Saudi puppet dictator of Yemen was tossed out by the people. The Saudi army, using, inter alia, Canadian arms, has been killing Yemenis ever since. Fact: The Saudis have been lopping the hands and heads off anyone who they get to confess, under torture, of having extreme ideas – ideas opposed to the inhuman application of Islamic law by the Saudi regime. Penalty: All rational (i.e. […]

International Trade Agreements

Every decision the state makes is wrong. At least in the sense that it is wrong to presume to have the authority to make decisions that rightfully belong to others and then enforce those decisions. The state, all states, have lost that authority (some never had it to begin with) by exercising power beyond that which was delegated by the consent of those over whom that power is exercised. This is at least almost always to be expected. “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.” — DC 121:39 “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” — Lord Acton In at least one case, the founding and fundamental principles of a state were set out clearly and in writing and, […]

2015 Federal Election Seat Projections

The notion of a herd of lemmings spilling over a cliff holds a certain fascination. Likewise an election. Especially when something the likes of Justin Trudeau is the favourite to win. Anyway, I can’t resist the number crunching and so, despite the risk of being embarrassed by polls which may prove no more accurate than they were in the BC, Alberta and UK elections, here goes nothing. I’m basing these on the regional breakdown of the Nanos polling numbers for Sunday, Oct 18 and the seat projection spreadsheet. I’ve used another poll, I thinf it was an Ekos poll, to help me figure out how to reconcile the fact that Nanos lumps all 3 Prairie provinces together where tooclosetocall treats Alberta separately. I’ve also had to extrapolate the regional Nanos figures from its 3 day averages using its national 1 day (Oct 18) figures. I’m using the 1 day […]

Why you shouldn’t vote

Does voting matter? Is your decision about who to vote for important? Then why are uninformed people allowed to vote? Why are they encouraged to vote? Because the answer to the first question is “yes” and the second is “no” (except to the parties and candidates because they stand to gain or lose power to control our lives and property). But to the state and its political establishment as a whole it doesn’t matter who you vote for, just that you vote, because a vote, any vote, is a vote for preserving the system that enslaves you. Thankfully the days when this kind of support actually matters are coming to an end. I want to re-emphasize this point. If how you voted really mattered there would be less noise about casting a vote and more about casting an informed vote. People who’s shallowness lets them vote based on a candidate’s […]

Bourque: an unwitting and witless tool of the state.

Neither the right of self-defence, nor the right to property, includes the right to pose an immediate threat to another’s life. In the absence of circumstances which would justify the need to carry loaded, high-powered weapons around other people, the implied threat to those other people in having the immediate ability to inflict serious harm or death upon them is a violation of their right to life and liberty. Justin Bourque (the Moncton shooter) is not a defender of liberty, he is a violator of liberty. He is abusing his own liberty by threatening that of others. By doing so he forfeits the claim he has on others to respect his rights. It is irrational for anyone to conclude that the rest of us are safe merely because he is shooting at state agents. That is far too fine a distinction to make when your life may depend on it. […]

Trudeau in a landslide

I believe Justin Trudeau will probably become the next Prime Minister of Canada in a landslide sometime in 2015. That’s because he has all the right values for the office. In a recent speech at a charity event he showed the same class as his father by using the most vulgar language which polite hypocrites at least reserve for more private affairs. But that wasn’t even the worst part of his speech. Lost in the media furor over his vulgarity was the meaning of what he said, which was far worse. “I will tell you, there is no experience like stepping into this ring and measuring yourself,” Trudeau said, recalling his match with now-suspended Sen. Patrick Brazeau in a similar charity event only a few years ago. “Not your name, your fortune, your intelligence, your beauty; none of that f—-ing matters.” Of all people we ought to hold politicians strictly […]

Marketplace Hatchet Job: Yellow Journalism

Marketplace is a show produced by a state-owned TV network that owes its existence to massive subsidies of money stolen (taxed) from people who would otherwise not watch it and to regulations designed to crush and eliminate its competition in the “marketplace”. Therefore it comes as no surprise that this show would stoop to crass manipulation of statistics in order to egg on fellow-travelers over at Health Canada to squash a highly effective product that dares to treat Canadians as intelligent adults capable of making up their own minds as to what remedies to use to prevent and treat cold and flu symptoms. Specifically, at about the 10 minute mark of this hatchet job, a U of A expert is cited for the proposition that a person would need to take Cold FX for 17 years (cold seasons) before it would prevent a cold. This is NOT what the expert […]

DONT VOTE: Stop Playing the Game – It’s Fixed!

DONT VOTE: Stop Playing the Game Canada – It’s Fixed! This new website is designed to serve as a rallying point for those of us who are fed up with the lying hypocrites of every political persuasion and have resolved to deny them what they absolutely must have to survive – our votes. DONT VOTE! It’s your duty as an honest, hard-working Canadian to stop supporting these scoundrels any longer. DONT VOTE! Not because you don’t care, but because you care too much to waste your vote on thieves, bullies, and liars.

Fox News? No. Fair debate? Yes

In this story the usually reasonable Lorrie Goldstein sets out a strong case for the benefit of having yet another TV news channel. Anyone who still believes the media is unbiased is incredibly naive – the CBC worst of all. For example, on the fundamental issue of big interventionist government vs small, pro free-market government, how could we even expect a media corporation where 100% of its employees are 100% dependent on a massive ($1 billion is still massive isn’t it?) tax-funded subsidy for their jobs to be unbiased? So, until government gets out of the business of journalism and journalists discover the value of simply reporting honestly and as objectively as possible, the best option is for their to be competition between the snidely and dishonestly leftist media and the openly and honestly right-wing media. So let the games begin. I look forward to a network where all the […]

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