Maxime Bernier is a breath of fresh air

Maxime Bernier is a breath of fresh air. He’s about as conservative as my Aunt Fanny (she’s a libertarian too). And if he ever becomes leader of the Conservative Party, a very long shot given that their membership is now content to be led by a hypocritical, traitorous dictator, he would doubtless disappoint.

Why? Because in a system where the constitution offers no effective constraints on the state’s power to interfere in our lives, the incentive for gangs of special interests to pool sufficient political capital to ensure that their interests are served is simply too strong for any principled politician to effectively resist.

What Bernier is advocating is, in today’s Canada, revolutionary. We have never experienced revolution in this country and one leader, however correct he may be in identifying the need, is not going to ignite one.

I remain convinced that the proper course is to passively oppose the state, mostly by ignoring it as much as possible, until such time as technology provides an effective means of reducing it to insignificance.

How? That is a post for another day but the short version is that once we live all or most of our lives in virtual worlds of our own choosing, we will choose worlds where liberty is the fundamental political (with a very small “p”) principle. Even the dubious value of the state in providing security will be superceded by our ability to escape a thief or an assailant as quick as a thought.

Bring on the singularity . . . or the millennium.

Maxime the radical

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