Our duty NOT to vote

I’d love to see a “none of the above” option offered in these polls, as in “If you could mark your ballot for ‘None of the Above’ to indicate your dissatisfaction with all the other choices would you do so?” I believe that the approximately 50% of Canadians who don’t vote are doing that already […]

Sell the CBC

Now’s the time, if there is ever to be one, for the Conservatives to sell the CBC. Here”s why. In a minority Parliament the Conservatives won”t need to shoulder all the blame for it among those who still like the idea of a state-controlled media. Those who would retain the CBC don”t vote Conservative anyway […]

Canada is a fascist state: the auto sector bailout proves it

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia’s article on fascist economics: “Historian Gaetano Salvemini argued in 1936 that fascism makes taxpayers responsible to private enterprise, because “the State pays for the blunders of private enterprise… Profit is private and individual. Loss is public and social.”[26] Fascist governments encouraged the pursuit of private profit and offered many […]

The party’s over

June 19, 2008 To whom it may concern: Re: My Membership – No. C6303796 The party that I worked hard to build would not have: appointed a non-elected Senator, appointed a floor-crosser to the Cabinet, broken its promise not to raise taxes (1% added to lowest rate) broken its promise to eliminate the tax on […]