$1.4 million for every job “saved”

$1.4-million for every job saved – The Globe and Mail.

Thank goodness the government is looking out for us in these troubled times. If it were left up to me I would never have thought of this solution. I would never have thought to take a million and a half dollars from other Canadians and give it to a business which loses money hand over fist in the hope that doing so will save 1 auto worker’s job. I am far too simple-minded to come up with something so ingenious.

I know it is the Conservative government which did this but thank goodness they had the Liberals and NDP to appeal to their conscience and make sure they went through with this bold plan. They would have preferred even more money be spent, maybe $2 million or more per job just to make sure it worked.

No, I would never have thought of such a wonderful plan. I would have treated the car makers like everyone else. I would have said, well, if you can”t make cars that people want to buy it is better to close up and let those who can do your work instead. Now I can see how utterly unimaginative that would have been.

What would we ever do without governments to solve our problems for us? (Oh how I would so very much like to find out!)

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