The party’s over

June 19, 2008

To whom it may concern:

Re: My Membership – No. C6303796

The party that I worked hard to build would not have:

  1. appointed a non-elected Senator,
  2. appointed a floor-crosser to the Cabinet,
  3. broken its promise not to raise taxes (1% added to lowest rate)
  4. broken its promise to eliminate the tax on capital gains
  5. broken its promise to eliminate the GST on gas once the price hit 85 cents per litre,
  6. broken its promise not to tax income trusts
  7. taken full advantage of undemocratic Liberal election financing laws rather than repeal them,
  8. increased the power of the PMO contrary to Justice Gomery’s strong recommendation,
  9. broken its promise to allow free votes on all but the main financial measures,
  10. broken its promise to hold a free vote on the definition of marriage,
  11. broken its promise to repeal the long-arm gun registry and use the savings to finance additional police services,
  12. failed to respect, adhere to, and implement the policies endorsed by its membership,
  13. generally failed to distinguish itself in any significant manner from its Liberal and Red-Tory predecessors.

The party I supported would have kept its promises and remained true to its principles. It would also have stood up to a leader who acted like a dictator and reaffirmed its commitment to grassroots democracy in its own administration. By selling out its principles for the sake of political expediency my party has ceased to exist, making my resignation moot. Nevertheless, to make it official – I resign.

Howard MacKinnon

So that”s that. Next? My application for membership in the Libertarian Party of Canada is in the envelope ready to mail tomorrow.

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