Study shows that fathers are important

Fathers aren’t dispensable just yet – life – 22 July 2009 – New Scientist.

The anecdotes of isolated success in non-traditional families notwithstanding, both biological and cultural (sociological) evolution provides ample evidence that a child”s welfare is optimized by being raised by his/her natural father and natural mother. Studies like this are supportive but not conclusive. History is conclusive. Where and when the traditional family thrives, a society prospers. Where and when it does not, everyone suffers.

The biggest threat to the traditional family, and therefore to society, is not from gays who want the legal right to marry. It is from governments which seek to replace the family by offering to look after everyone”s needs from cradle to grave. Neither individuals nor families can protect themselves adequately from criminals or foreign aggressors – government ought to confine its role to this and nothing else


  1. Amy says:

    that link goes back to your site. I want to see the original article.

    • Howard says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed the link but the full article is now only available for a fee.

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