Fixing the NBA

Just a quick fun little post of a thought I had.

What if each of the 30 teams played each other team twice, one at home, one away. That would be a 58 game season. Always have at least 1 day off between games.

Rank the teams 1-30 based on w/l percentage.

Eliminate the bottom 14 leaving you with 16 for the playoff round.

Divide the 16 into 4 pools. A random team finishing 1-4 goes to poll A, one to pool B, etc. Same with teams finishing 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16.

Teams in each pool play home and home against the others adding 6 more games for each team. Winner of pool A plays 2nd place in pool B, etc. 3rd and 4th place finishers are done. Those series are best of 5.

Pairs of remaining winners play best of 7 and then a final series is best of 7.

Meanwhile the bottom 14 teams have their own tournament to determine the draft order with the winner getting first pick.