True Doctrine

I just noticed a Facebook post that I made a couple of years ago on this topic. I still like it but would like to modify it slightly so I am restating it below, slightly updated. A word respecting official LDS doctrine. There is no official church doctrine, only an official source of doctrine – […]

The Truth about Truth

A member of our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) once objected to what he perceived to be the impossible level of certainty expressed by others: “I don’t like it when people stand in testimony meetings and say, ‘I know.’ You can’t know stuff like that. You can believe or have faith, […]

Americans should not emulate Canadian health care system

If Americans want to suffer and die like Canadians while they wait for treatment then sure, they should go for universal public health care. I don’t know why though. Now American hospitals offer public apologies for 15 minute wait times while Canadian ERs routinely require people to wait 4-6 hours or longer. The wait time […]

Cataclysm Playthrough

For background on the game see: 1933-34 France has strong relationships with many countries of eastern Europe in an effort to encircle and contain the newly emerging Reich. At home the French step up work on a series of fortresses facing their German neighbour. Italy’s influence is strongly entrenched in Austria and Albania while […]

Fixing the NBA

Just a quick fun little post of a thought I had. What if each of the 30 teams played each other team twice, one at home, one away. That would be a 58 game season. Always have at least 1 day off between games. Rank the teams 1-30 based on w/l percentage. Eliminate the bottom […]

The only thing that protects our rights

Scenario: a would-be tyrant issues executive orders calling for “patriotic” state agents to take “extraordinary measures” to defend the country from [insert your favourite bogeyman here]. As a result, the supreme court suddenly has some vacancies which are filled by similarly “patriotic” judges. Constitutional protections are subject to their rulings and case law quickly develops […]