An anti-Islamist Muslim Hits the Nail on the Head

In this op-ed piece the writer calls for an end of state-sponsored pro-jihadi brainwashing in the name of multiculturalism. Nothing too new there, expect that he identifies the sponsor states as Britain and Canada.

Politicians who spout platitudes while funding fascists are as evil as the terrorists they enable. Boys are brainwashed by fables of a martyr”s glory told by those whose groups, institutions and even communities exist only because of misdirected tax-dollars. Who really funds terrorism? We do – because we, like the politicians we elect, lack the brains, the brawn, or both to say “no” to cultural causes so weak and unappealing as to be unable to sustain themselves financially.

The right of individuals to voluntarily associate in support of cultural, religious and any other purpose that poses no threat to the lives, liberty or property of others should be held inviolate. But so should the right of individuals not to associate or to support such purposes in any way – and that right is routinely violated by tax-funded multiculturalism.

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