Power corrupts

I’m starting a collection of links to stories about the abuse of power by police, politicians and any other so-called “public servants”. Lots of people complain about this abusive behaviour but few understand its cause. Power is the ability to get one’s way, to affect one’s environment, to have control over one’s circumstances. We all need and want power and that’s good. But there are only two kinds of power. One is acquired by reason, persuasion, and respect. It is the power over that which one acquires a right to
by voluntary exchange, by bringing into being, by discovery, or by first use (homesteading). The other is the power asserted by brute force, violence. The former is appropriate for rational animals – humans – who maintain and enhance their lives by virtue of their mind’s ability to reason. The latter is appropriate for wild animals. It is a measure of how far we are from becoming truly civilized that we permit these beasts to exercise power over us.

Police abuse of driver caught on dashcam. Charges dropped but no wrong doing found.

Man shot on sight while peacefully shopping. And this is why the Fascist States of America may be headed for a race war.

Suicidal teen shot 16 times by psychopathic cops.

Cops taser man to death while handcuffed because he was too tired to walk.

Two cops repeatedly punch a prone man posing no threat in the head while onlookers plead with them to stop.