Democracy kills babies

Hello all you lovers of democracy and the ballot box. All you petitioners who lobby the government to legislate goodness and light. Ever hear the saying, “live by the sword, die by the sword”? Well if its legitimate for the government, our “democratically elected representatives” to heed your call to require people to do what you consider to be the right thing, then isn’t it legitimate for those who disagree with you about what the right thing is to petition the government to legislate that as well?

Bottom line – if its just about democracy and not about inalienable individual rights, then you must admit that this new idea called “4th trimester abortion” is perfectly fine so long as they can get a majority to go along with it. And if college students who were asked to sign a petition in favour of 4th trimester abortion are any indication, a majority won’t be hard to obtain, because everyone who was asked to sign the petition, signed it.

What is a 4th trimester abortion? It is the right of parents to kill an unwanted child right up until the child is 3 years of age. I refer you to this article for further information on this diabolical idea.

Well, why not? People try living together before they get marriage to see if its right for them, why not try out having a kid for a few years before you really decide whether its for you or not.

Ok, enough with the sarcasm. There are people who actually think that this infanticide is ok so long as its not called murder but given some euphemistic label instead and gets approved by the majority. Or their representatives. With in our pseudo-democracy is actually a plurality. This is what the state and its ballot box gets you – mob rule by brutes who don’t have an ounce of brains, sense, ethics or compassion.

Before you object that this is not yet legal so my protestations are premature, have you considered the barbarous practice of late trimester abortion, which is perfectly legal? A fully viable, fully formed, perfect child, but one who has not yet quite cleared the birth canal, is brutally murdered and it is perfectly legal. IMHO it is ethically inconsequential to expand the purview of murderous parents to include “post-birth abortions”. As long as the individual’s right to life, liberty and property are held to be subject to majority whim, we risk this kind of unethical monstrosity becoming a legal reality.

In the absence of the state, those who choose to respect these three fundamental negative human rights could voluntarily associate under a constitution that held them sacrosanct. Without a monopoly on the legitimate use of force within a given geographic region, the government of this association would have to adhere to this constitution or lose its adherents to an association that did so.

A free market in governments. Under governments which respected individual rights, the people would enjoy peace and prosperity. Under those which readily sacrificed the rights of the individual on the alter of democracy, the people would suffer from the same corruption, political warfare, misery and death that we have now. After a while the benefits of liberty will become apparent even to the most dim-witted democrats and the only competition to slight variations of libertarianism will be a few hippy communes and outright death worshipers – like these homicidal 4th trimesterites – whom libertarians will have every right to eradicate at will.