Why you shouldn’t vote

Does voting matter? Is your decision about who to vote for important? Then why are uninformed people allowed to vote? Why are they encouraged to vote? Because the answer to the first question is “yes” and the second is “no” (except to the parties and candidates because they stand to gain or lose power to control our lives and property). But to the state and its political establishment as a whole it doesn’t matter who you vote for, just that you vote, because a vote, any vote, is a vote for preserving the system that enslaves you. Thankfully the days when this kind of support actually matters are coming to an end. I want to re-emphasize this point. If how you voted really mattered there would be less noise about casting a vote and more about casting an informed vote. People who’s shallowness lets them vote based on a candidate’s […]

An accommodation

As reported on KSL.com the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made it official policy today to call for the state to restrict the right of individuals to deny employment, housing, etc. to gays. Unfortunately the statement is couched in terms of “protecting rights”, which this most assuredly is not. No one has a right to someone else’s property. The idea is an absurd contradiction. If you have the final say over a thing’s disposition then that thing is yours – your property. If someone else has the final say, then it is the property of that other person. We can speak of multiple persons each having an “interest” in property such as when two people each hold an equal 50% undivided joint interest in a property. But that is different than saying that any random unspecified person has a right to march into your residence or business and […]

Power corrupts

I’m starting a collection of links to stories about the abuse of power by police, politicians and any other so-called “public servants”. Lots of people complain about this abusive behaviour but few understand its cause. Power is the ability to get one’s way, to affect one’s environment, to have control over one’s circumstances. We all need and want power and that’s good. But there are only two kinds of power. One is acquired by reason, persuasion, and respect. It is the power over that which one acquires a right to by voluntary exchange, by bringing into being, by discovery, or by first use (homesteading). The other is the power asserted by brute force, violence. The former is appropriate for rational animals – humans – who maintain and enhance their lives by virtue of their mind’s ability to reason. The latter is appropriate for wild animals. It is a measure of […]

Bourque: an unwitting and witless tool of the state.

Neither the right of self-defence, nor the right to property, includes the right to pose an immediate threat to another’s life. In the absence of circumstances which would justify the need to carry loaded, high-powered weapons around other people, the implied threat to those other people in having the immediate ability to inflict serious harm or death upon them is a violation of their right to life and liberty. Justin Bourque (the Moncton shooter) is not a defender of liberty, he is a violator of liberty. He is abusing his own liberty by threatening that of others. By doing so he forfeits the claim he has on others to respect his rights. It is irrational for anyone to conclude that the rest of us are safe merely because he is shooting at state agents. That is far too fine a distinction to make when your life may depend on it. […]

Trudeau in a landslide

I believe Justin Trudeau will probably become the next Prime Minister of Canada in a landslide sometime in 2015. That’s because he has all the right values for the office. In a recent speech at a charity event he showed the same class as his father by using the most vulgar language which polite hypocrites at least reserve for more private affairs. But that wasn’t even the worst part of his speech. Lost in the media furor over his vulgarity was the meaning of what he said, which was far worse. “I will tell you, there is no experience like stepping into this ring and measuring yourself,” Trudeau said, recalling his match with now-suspended Sen. Patrick Brazeau in a similar charity event only a few years ago. “Not your name, your fortune, your intelligence, your beauty; none of that f—-ing matters.” Of all people we ought to hold politicians strictly […]

Democracy kills babies

Hello all you lovers of democracy and the ballot box. All you petitioners who lobby the government to legislate goodness and light. Ever hear the saying, “live by the sword, die by the sword”? Well if its legitimate for the government, our “democratically elected representatives” to heed your call to require people to do what you consider to be the right thing, then isn’t it legitimate for those who disagree with you about what the right thing is to petition the government to legislate that as well? Bottom line – if its just about democracy and not about inalienable individual rights, then you must admit that this new idea called “4th trimester abortion” is perfectly fine so long as they can get a majority to go along with it. And if college students who were asked to sign a petition in favour of 4th trimester abortion are any indication, a […]

State Censorship Objectifies the Human Mind.

I wrote this in response to an invitation to sign a petition to request government censorship of pornography. I am 100% opposed to pornography. I am also 100% opposed to state censorship. If people are forced to choose the right we are no longer moral agents, no longer things that act but things to be acted upon and we can make no progress in developing our moral character through freely choosing the good over the evil. No individual person has the right to make decisions like this for another. When you ask the state to do it for you, you are neither exercising nor delegating a right, you are simply resorting to brute force and asking the state to wield that force on your behalf against others who think differently. By advocating the initiation of force you the aggressor, the perpetrator of a crime against these others. You perpetuate a […]

Moore’s Deadly Utopia

This article starts out like a typical Moorish rant about gun control, but it goes much deeper than that. He himself admits, “Connecticut had one of the strongest gun laws in the country. That did nothing to prevent the murders of 20 small children on December 14th.” That one quote destroys the argument that banning guns will prevent these atrocities. In fact one extra gun, in the hands of a trained staff member would probably have saved many innocent lives. Moore correctly identifies that the underlying problem is arrogance in the application of state power. In international affairs he condemns America’s leaders for forcing other states to act as America requires them to. Let the leaders of Iran and North Korea and Syria butcher, mutilate and starve those unfortunate enough to live between certain arbitrary lines drawn on a map. 262 million people have been killed by their own governments […]

Obama’s Spending Spree

When Obama took office the US national debt was already a staggering $10.88 trillion. After just 3 years of a fiscally reckless President and an equally reckless Congress, the US national debt has grown to $15.36 trillion. The increase in the debt of $4.47 trillion under Obama is greater than the total debt amassed throughout the entire history of the US from its beginning right up to the end of Bill Clinton’s first year in office. Got that? In 3 years Obama overspent more than every President from George Washington to Bill Clinton combined. The only way Obama was able to stave off national bankruptcy was to approve borrowing even more money, thus all but ensuring that bankruptcy will be inevitable and have even more severe consequences. By the way, before he was elected Obama promised to cut the annual deficit by half by the end of his first term.